States & Atolls: Today’s featured atoll: Shaviyani

Ninth in a series

Shaviyani, Maldives

  • Abbreviation: Sh
  • Shaviyani administrative atoll consists of the third of four portions of historic Thiladhunmathi, an unusually elongated natural atoll (most atolls are vaguely ring-shaped). The third and fourth portions are also known as Miladhunmadulu; thus Shaviyani is also known as North Miladhunmadulu.
  • Total population (2006 census): 11,940
  • Capital: Funadhoo — population 1,523
  • Total number of islands: 51
  • Total inhabited islands: 14
  • Largest island: Milandhoo (125.5 hectares/ 310.1 acres), population 1,333
  • Facts about Shaviyani and its islands:
  • Lhaimagu served as the atoll capital until January 1968.

    In August 2006 the residents of Maakandoodhoo, now uninhabited, completed the process of relocation to Milandhoo, a formerly uninhabited island, following the Indian Ocean tsunami of 26 December 2004.

    Shaviyani hosts nine designated Historical Sites, including a mosque on Kanditheemu that is inscribed with the oldest known example of Thaana script, indicating the roof was built in 1588.

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